Please take a moment to ensure both devices are on the “Reflector” Network and not “HaydenSD”. Pairing WILL NOT work if devices are on “HaydenSD”, or both devices are on different networks.

Active Connect/OPS on your Promethean

  1. Power on Active Connect/OPS

  2. Change the Promethean source to OPS or the corresponding HDMI input

  3. Once ActiveConnect is finished booting, select ActiveCast

        4. Locate the Connection ID below the QR Code in the center of your screen.

ActivCast Sender app on tablet and PC

  1. Launch Sender app

        2. Select the add button

  1. Enter the ID displayed on your Activecast device screen, or scan the QR code with your Android/iPad App to start mirroring

  1. Once paired the Promethean Active Cast will display the message similar to “Your-Tablet wants to mirror the display” Select “Allow”