The use of personal devices on campus is permitted for work and educational purposes only. All activities conducted on a personal device while connected to the Hayden School District resources via direct Ethernet, or over the school's Wi-Fi Network are monitored and recorded the same as any district owned device regardless of relation to the district.

The school can and does monitor Internet access and activity on the school’s network, including but not limited to sites visited, content viewed and e-mails sent and received. The school may examine a teacher’s or student’s personal device and search its contents if there is a reason to believe that school policies, laws, regulations, or guidelines regarding access to the network or use of the device have been violated.

Hayden School District IT department does not supply support for personal devices. Personal devices are the user’s responsibility to maintain. Devices connecting to the District internet must have Antivirus software installed. 

Wireless Access

The Hayden School District provides wireless access throughout the entire campus, Elementary, High School, Middle School, and Administration Offices. Guests, Staff, Students, Administrators, and Board Members are encouraged to utilize the network for work and educational purposes only. Users are responsible for their actions and devices. Usage on personal devices that is not within the District's Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) will be removed from the network.

For District Staff and Chromebooks for Education only

To connect your personal device, navigate to your devices WI-FI settings. Select “HaydenSD” and enter the passcode. Contact IT for the Current Passcode

For Guests, and Students

To connect your personal device, navigate to your devices WI-FI settings. Select “HaydenSD-Guest”

It is required that guests and student personal devices use the guest network to keep internet bandwidth to a minimum, the guest network is throttled down so that chromebooks and teachers using the network for educational purposes have the resources they need to be as productive as possible.