As a Teacher or Employee of the Hayden School District, you have access to, or have a district provided phone. This is a brief guide on how to use the basic operations of your telephone or another telephone in the district.

To dial within the district. Your extension is located in the upper right corner of the screen on your telephone, or a telephone sheet may be supplied to you with your extension on it. From any phone in the district you can pick up the receiver and dial an internal extension. For example if you needed someone from IT you could pick up the receiver and dial 411 or 412.

To dial out of the district, pick up the receiver, Dial 9 and then the number. For local calls you do not need to include the area code (970) for calls outside of the area you must provide area code. For example a local call would be 92763864, however a call outside of the area would be 9(555)555-5555.

To access your voicemail select the message icon on your main screen, or press the world icon (Menu) on the face of the phone and select message. Follow the prompts. If it is your first time accessing this feature, you will need to setup your voicemail. This process is easy and takes no longer than a few minutes to complete.


Retrieve missed, received, and placed calls 1. Press Menu button 2. Use Navigation keys to scroll to Directories 3. Press Select soft key 4. Use Navigation to highlight either missed, received or placed calls 5. Press Select soft key 6. Use Navigation keys to scroll through calls

Place a call on hold 1. Press Hold button (the Hold button lights) 2. Press Hold button again to resume call

Adjusting the volume ♦ Ringer 1. Press the Volume button to adjust the volume level while the handset is in the cradle. Volume level is saved automatically. ♦ Handset 1. Press the Volume button during a call or after getting a dial tone 2. Press Save soft key to preserve the new setting.

Transfer a Call 1. While on a call Press Trnsfer soft key 2. Dial number 3. Announce call transfer (optional) 4. Press Trnsfer soft key again to complete the transfer

These are the basic uses for your phone if you would like more information or demonstrations on how to use any features outlined here, or advanced features more can be found at